Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s are how users challenge us to do things better and think hard about why we do something in one way versus an other. If you have a different question from what is below, then please contact us to send a question.

General information

What is TripMedic?

TripMedic is a multilingual medical matching service that allows people abroad (travellers and expats) to instantly find available In-language-speaking practitioners with the relevant specialty.

Is TripMedic a free service for the patient?

Yes, you only have to pay for the visit to the doctor at the end of the consultation.

Why do the prices differ from one doctor to another?

The price of the visit can vary depending on the location of the doctor, the duration of the visit, and whether you are visiting a clinic or a private office.

Is this visit covered by my insurance?

Yes, the majority of consultations are covered through reimbursement, but you should check to see if your coverage includes reimbursement. Our doctors will provide you with an invoice so that you can claim for the cost.

What is included in the price of the visit?

The doctor will assess your medical history before carrying out any necessary tests and establishing a suitable treatment. The first visit typically lasts for around 30 minutes.

Do you accept the EU health card?

No, we don’t accept the EU health card because it works with the public health system. If you want to use your health card, you can go to the nearest hospital. If you would rather avoid queues and find treatment in your own language, you can use TripMedic.

Is there a way to get reimbursed if I haven’t got any health insurance or travel insurance?

Yes, there are other types of insurance that include health coverage, but often the details get lost in the small print. For example, home insurance often includes health coverage, and it can be worth checking your car insurance and any other insurance policies you have at home.

When you buy a flight ticket, your credit card provider may include health insurance that covers you during the period of your trip. Car rental insurance often works in the same way.

What if I need analysis or medical exams?

Many of the doctors in our network provide services such as radiography, scans, and blood tests.

Do we provide vaccine service?

No, in the countries we are currently covering, vaccines in general are provided by public health sector only. Our doctors can perform the injection if the patient comes with the vaccine and the corresponding prescription.

Do we provide injection?

Yes, Patient has to come with the vaccine, vitamine, etc that needs to be injected and the corresponding prescription. If the patient does not have the prescription, he has to make a regular visit with a General Practitioner to get the prescription.

Booking appointments

How do I book a doctor with TripMedic?

Select your location and relevant specialty, and select your language. Choose a doctor based on their availability, price and location and select the time that suits you in the agenda. Then, let yourself be guided by our questions: there are six steps to complete, at the end of which you will receive a confirmation email and an SMS.

How do I know if my appointment has been made?

After the fourth step in the booking process you will see a message displayed that says: “Your request for an appointment has been registered.” If in doubt, you can always find all your current appointments in ‘My Profile’. You will also receive an email and an SMS to confirm the date, time and location of your appointment. A reminder SMS will be sent to you two hours before your appointment.

I need to shift or cancel my appointment. How do I do that?

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment at anytime on To do this, go to the website, log in and go to ‘My Profile’ and then ‘appointments’, where you can move the appointment to another time or cancel it. Please try to cancel or change your appointment at least 3 hours in advance, so that our doctors can adjust their schedules or report it directly to our experience team through WhatsApp

Can I make an appointment for someone else?

After following the usual booking steps of selecting a doctor and a time, and receiving your SMS validation, you will be prompted to select ‘someone else’ on step four, where you can enter the name of the patient.

How do I choose which practitioner to book?

It is you, and only you, who can decide. We provide you with as much information as possible so you can get to know the practitioners around you better.

Okay, but are you sure I will not pay more for my doctor?

Each doctor provides information about their services on their profile. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you will find details there about the main fees charged but this information is communicated to us by practitioners and they are solely responsible for their service offering and their pricing.

I'm unable to complete the appointment process through the platform. What should I do?

Please report it directly to our experience team through WhatsApp or by email at We’ll get back to you promptly.

Should I tell the doctor that I'm coming from TripMedic?

When you book a visit with TripMedic, the doctor is informed of your visit and knows who you are, so you don’t need to present yourself as a TripMedic patient.