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"Yes, effective and good service."
Stella M - Barcelona, Spain - 10 October 2016
"I would refer TripMedic. It was simple fast and easy way to get medical care."
Nada A - Barcelona, Spain - 12 June 2017
"Very good service and peace of mind, This service helped us a great deal. I have special medical conditions and to find a good doctor to assist on short notice was very comforting. I would highly recommend TripMedic"
Donald M - Paris, France - 6 June 2017
"It was great to find a service which gives access to doctors that speak your language, particularly when speaking about medical issues. Very professional organisation and the Doctor was very knowledgable. He also ensured I understood what I had to do. "
Stephen W - Paris, France - 11 April 2017
We partner with the best health clinics in Berlin. Our partners ensure you are taken care of in the best ways possible. They look forward helping you.
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See what doctors are saying about TripMedic

"After some months working with TripMedic, I can say that this service is becoming a truly valuable healthcare companion to both tourists and expats in Berlin.”

Dr. Daniel Cararach

"I'm really happy to be part of the TripMedic project. My new patients are always grateful to receive medical attention in their own language, sometimes very far from home.”

Dr. Xavier Otero

"I enjoy contributing my long experience with international patients to TripMedic, which is offering a high quality service that is fast and easy to use.”

Dr. Augusto Anguita Guimet

TripMedic is the fastest, easiest and most effective way for travellers and expats to book medical appointments in their own language with Europe's best practitioners.

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