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TripMedic at International Community Day Barcelona
Visit Olivier and Wout at stand B11 during the International Community Day in Barcelona today!
Ibiza Summer 2017, everyday is party time! (2)
Ibiza Summer 2017, everyday is party time!
In Ibiza time seems to have stopped in the mythical 90s, when the group Aqua singed “come on Barbie let’s go party”. Parties at the most famous clubs have in some cases a retro taste in other cases they look up to the future. We know what you expect from “La Isla Blanca” and we thought […]
Rent apartment in Madrid
Rent an apartment in Madrid: 10 perfect neighborhood to live in
Whether you’re heading to Spain’s capital for a short stay or a permanent move, renting an apartment in Madrid is not a problem. The city caters just as readily for the needs of business travelers and expats as it does for the thousands of tourists who visit each year. Madrid is full of fantastic rental […]
What to do in Paris
Do you need to break free? Discover what to do in Paris
Paris is a famously romantic city where you can spend a loved-up holiday with your nearest and dearest. But there is much more to Paris than just romance, and a whole world of things to do there whether you’re with friends, family, or traveling alone. Paris is a vast, cosmopolitan city with something to appeal […]
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Health tips for frequent flyers
If you’re part of the jet set, your fast-paced life is likely to be full of of fun and adventure. However, spending a lot of time on aeroplanes can also mean encountering lots of germs, sitting down for long periods of time with little room for exercise, irregular eating times and disturbed sleeping patterns. This can take its toll on even the fittest of people, so we’ve compiled a list of top tips to keep you frequent flyers in tip top shape.
Building TripMedic
TripMedic Team: Olivier Marquès de Brito
Olivier Marques de Brito is head of business development at TripMedic Barcelona, and his belief in the company was reaffirmed when he explained what we do to his beloved grandmother.
Barcelona Tip: Take cover
Barcelona is a warm city, with temperatures regularly up in the twenties from May through to October. Pack your sunscreen and take care when you're out, especially if you're on the beach or climbing the hills up at Parc Guell or Mont Juic. Furthermore, don't go baring your flesh on the street when you're in the city – it's not unusual for people to be cautioned or even fined for walking around wearing nothing but a swimsuit.
Staying happy and healthy on your trip to Barcelona
So, you’re off to Barcelona - felicitaciones! Before you break out the phrasebook, sun cream and spending money, we’ve got some tips to make sure that your time in this beautiful city is as happy - and as healthy - as it possibly can be.
Health & Travel Articles
The five things you need to know about travel insurance
When booking a trip away, it can be tempting to daydream about the sights you want to see and the clothes you need to pack. Travel insurance can easily be forgotten about but it is one of the most important aspects to consider when planning a getaway.
Health & Travel Tips
Travel Tip: Be sweet to your feet
Picking a comfortable pair of shoes can be the difference between a great trip and a stressful time abroad. Make sure that the shoes you’re planning to travel in don’t give you blisters by testing them properly at home. If they’re no good, you might find it harder to get good replacements abroad.