February 21, 2017

TripMedic Team: Filippo Meloni

Filippo Meloni’s role at TripMedic allows him to combine two of his life’s greatest passions: travel and problem solving.

As chief operating officer at TripMedic, Filippo oversees the company’s day-to-day business operations and assists on strategic and financial matters. He also coordinates TripMedic’s online and offline activities, and ensures our customers enjoy a satisfying user experience.

Filippo has travelled widely, having lived in Egypt, Cape Verde, the Dominican Republic and Chile to name just a few, but his journey to becoming TripMedic’s COO began in Rome.


He explained: “Whilst traveling I experienced situations where help was needed but very difficult to reach. Those situations stuck in my mind.

“A few years ago, Doriana, a neurologist friend of mine, proposed that I set up a company that would offer in-language medical help at a clinic in Rome and I enthusiastically accepted because I knew the need was there. That experience in Rome was not a success but it helped me understand the usefulness of in-language medical help.

“I treasured the experience.”

Filippo’s experiences in business and travel are part of what makes him an invaluable part of the TripMedic team, and he is also one of a number of skilled linguists at the company.

“Speaking four languages, I count myself lucky to be able to interact with most people effortlessly,” he said.

“I often ask myself what would have happened to me if I’d only spoken Italian, as I have found myself acting as an interpreter for strangers and friends in dire straits on a number of occasions.

“When I found out that over two thirds of all travellers do not speak a second language, the seed for a multilingual way to connect people to health professionals was planted.”


Respect for the needs of different people underpins all the work that we do at TripMedic, and Filippo’s academic background in International Relations has helped to inform our approach and our ethos.

“I grew up in a multinational environment, always aware of the beauty, differences, similitudes, potential and risks of this multi-ethnic world of ours,” he explained. “My studies in International Relations helped me expand my respect for multiculturalism.

“Respect for differences means awareness of different needs. This awareness helps me understand that certain needs not felt by a local population might be intensely felt by others. This knowledge helps me understand our target market.”

Outside of work, Filippo enjoys travelling with his wife and, in his words, “feeling the atmosphere and soul of each place”. When he is not planning new adventures, he can be found with his head in a good book, walking his dog, or out enjoying water sports.


Filippo’s career to date has shaped him into an ideal member of our team, and his vision for the future of TripMedic is something to which we all aspire.

“Creating two companies in Italy helped me understand the difficulties an entrepreneur has to face day after day, and strengthened my resolve to overcome such difficulties with a positive and proactive attitude,” he said.

“In 10 years’ time, I see TripMedic being present in all continents, helping travellers and expats who are in need to feel better.

“I see TripMedic as the medical reference for that moving community around the world, providing evermore useful services.”

Filippo Meloni
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