March 13, 2017

TripMedic Team: Olivier Marquès de Brito

Olivier Marques de Brito is head of business development at TripMedic Barcelona, and his belief in the company was reaffirmed when he explained what we do to his beloved grandmother.

After coming through the steep learning curve of running his own business, Olivier joined TripMedic in December 2015 as our man in Catalonia, building our business in bustling Barcelona.

“I was looking for new challenges after running my own business for two years,” Olivier explained. “I discovered TripMedic and felt it was a really great fit.

“I was attracted to TripMedic by the brilliant and simple idea at the heart of it. Even my grandmother can understand the concept; it makes sense without further explanation.

“I had a good feeling about the team and the whole company fits with my professional expectation at this point of time.”


Olivier’s experience blends event management and running a start-up, and he is adept at coping with the shifting needs of a growing business.

“I graduated in event management – a working environment that is continuously changing. It requires a capacity for quick decision-making, a strong sense of responsibility, and the ability to work both as team and independently, because in event management may things don’t go according to plan.

“My professional career took a drastic turn for personal reasons, and I decided to create my own business. This experience gave me a solid background in analysis, sales, innovation, management and self-motivation. The structure of TripMedic presented me with the perfect place to keep improving my skills while helping the business move to the next level.”

Olivier’s understanding of successful business structures and processes has been invaluable to our growth, and his knowledge of the city of Barcelona – where he lives as an expat – has informed the way we connect with people there.

“Health is key for every single human on earth,” said Olivier. “TripMedic is bringing its little piece of stone to the big Pyramid that represents health assistance and care at a global level.

“TripMedic solves a pertinent issue: in-language medical attention when you are abroad. TripMedic offers a comfort and a service that is non-existent at the moment.

“The company wanted to analyse and develop Barcelona. As an expat, I’m part of TripMedic’s target market. I felt I could bring my knowledge of the city from the expat perspective, along with my experience in dealing with tourists, to help the team understand how Tripmedic can be profitable in Barcelona before it moves to other cities.”

Like everyone on our team, Olivier has high hopes for TripMedic’s future.

“My vision for TripMedic in 10 years’ time is that it will cover the majority of European capitals and major cities, offering a full health package for travellers and expats.”

“TripMedic will be a reference in the mind of every traveller planning a trip and every expat preparing their next professional move.”


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