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Barcelona Tip: Take cover
Barcelona is a warm city, with temperatures regularly up in the twenties from May through to October. Pack your sunscreen and take care when you're out, especially if you're on the beach or climbing the hills up at Parc Guell or Mont Juic. Furthermore, don't go baring your flesh on the street when you're in the city – it's not unusual for people to be cautioned or even fined for walking around wearing nothing but a swimsuit.
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Travel Tip: Be sweet to your feet
Picking a comfortable pair of shoes can be the difference between a great trip and a stressful time abroad. Make sure that the shoes you’re planning to travel in don’t give you blisters by testing them properly at home. If they’re no good, you might find it harder to get good replacements abroad.
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Travel Tip: Be well hydrated
Diarrhea is the number one health issue that affects people when travelling and if you fall victim to it, you're going to need plenty of water and electrolyte drinks. Taking water purifier sachets with you on your trip can help you ensure you've got a source of clean drinking water wherever there is a tap.