November 27, 2020

The Ultimate Expats Guide to Get an English Doctor in Paris

Rosalie Boyle

You put in the effort, and you have undeniably started to reap the benefits of your hard work.  So, why is it that getting a new job in Paris almost seems like a punishment?  Paris is, after all, so glamorous with its Fashion Week and haute cuisine restaurants.  But it can also be hard to navigate as an expat who doesn’t speak the language and has no French friends! Whether it be finding an English doctor in Paris, questions about health insurance, how to book an appointment or the options you have to see a doctor from your own home. This article will be your from A to Z users manual.

TripMedic, Paris

Getting a new doctor is a whole big thing, right?  They are charged with taking care of your health, after all.  When you feel the worst, it’s their job to make sure you recuperate.  Since your doctor will be such an important person in your life, you consider a lot of factors:

  • Their reputation
  • Their personality
  • The languages they speak
  • The location of their office
  • If they offer video consultation services
  • The price of the appointment
  • How to use your insurance

These are all things that TripMedic takes into account, and you can find out more here.

Moving On Up to…Paris!

You did it!  After a lot of hard work, you finally got that promotion that you know, without a doubt, you deserved for a long time.  You spent years paying your dues.  You had your alarm set for 5:00 a.m. for so long that at this point, you barely even need it to wake up.  

Then an exciting opportunity comes along.  A spot opens up on the team in the Paris office, and you go for it!  You pack up all of your belongings and hop on a plane to la Ville Lumière (the City of Lights).

Then the nervous sweats come on as soon as you start leafing through French for Dummies.  Sure, your job set you up with a swanky apartment near the Louvre.  Notwithstanding, unless someone creates some technology in which you can learn a language overnight, you know you’ll be living in Paris without being able to speak French.

Fast forward several months.  

You established your daily routine.  The streets no longer look as scary and unfamiliar.  But you’re still having that pesky language barrier issue.  Your French for beginners class at least gives you a small jolt of confidence to try speaking with people.

But no matter how hard you try, the locals still look back at you with a blank stare.  A phrase as simple as “un croissant s’il vous plaît is returned with a frigid “maybe it would be better if you speak in English.”

Regardless, your new life in Paris is exhilarating.  You wake up each day to a new adventure and new sites to see.  You gobble up all the fashion, food, and culture the French have to offer.  It sinks in that you indeed moved to another country.  

Suddenly it dawns on you: all of your yearly checkups are coming up soon.  

You’ve been so busy with work that you haven’t had much time to make French friends.  You have no one you can confidently ask for a referral for a highly qualified doctor in Paris.  And you’re not going to take a trip back to your home country just to go to the doctor.  Plus, you have your language limitation to deal with!  

This is a common occurrence for many expatriates living abroad.  

You adapt many aspects of your life to living in another country.  But you often don’t think about your doctors until it’s too late and you need one urgently.  

What if you didn’t have to rely on first-hand advice from a local to find an English doctor in Paris? When you desperately need someone to help you and you don’t speak the local language, TripMedic is the perfect resource to turn to.  

You can book a TripMedic doctor here.

Public or Private (Insurance that is)? That is the Question 

Understanding the inner workings of health insurance is no easy feat.  Every country has different rules and systems in place.  

But don’t worry.  Reading the next two sections will tell you everything you need to know about the French health insurance system.  And how TripMedic can help you through it.

So, you want to schedule your annual checkup.  

You assume you can’t get a doctor in Paris until you have your health insurance figured out! You ask your French colleagues how to get your medicine generaliste à Paris” (general practitioner in Paris). They tell you to look at the guidelines set by the Health Department in the French government. 

But now you are the one giving the blank stare!  You open their website and don’t even see where the option is located to translate the page to English.  So that’s a bust!

To start the process of finding an English-speaking doctor in Paris, you have the option of public or private healthcare.  France has one of the better public healthcare systems worldwide.  This was solidified in 2016 when they adopted the PUMA (Protection Universelle Maladie) system.  

This system addressed the French policy of making health insurance obligatory, extending the people covered by public healthcare.  It operates on a co-payment system. Depending on the service and the characteristics of the patient, you are reimbursed anywhere from 70 to 100% of the cost.  

To sign up for public health insurance, consult the official social security health insurance website.  You are eligible if: you are a resident (that has lived in France for at least 3 months), employed, a business owner, or a freelancer.  Follow the steps, translating the site from French, putting in the required information.  In return, you will receive your official insurance card.

When Public Isn’t Enough, Go Private for Your Doctor in Paris!

You, however, are one of the lucky ones. 

You also have access to private health insurance through your job, plus they took care of signing you up in the social security system.  Using private healthcare will allow you to cover whatever percent of what you’re submitting that wasn’t covered by your public healthcare.  

If you’re worried whether the service you need will be covered by insurance, you can find comfort in using TripMedic.  The majority of the consultations offered through TripMedic can be reimbursed.  And if you’re not feeling confident, you can reach out to Customer Service at to get a confirmation.

Getting reimbursed is a simple process:  

  1. You make your appointment with your chosen doctor in Paris at the time that’s most convenient for you.  
  2. You initially pay for your visit at the doctor’s office. 
  3. Then you just have to ask the staff for a reimbursement document.  That is what you will submit to your insurance company to get reimbursed.  

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 (literally)!


But What Do You Do When You Need a Doctor in Paris?

Getting started with a new doctor is often a complicated process.  

You probably have your doctors that you’ve been seeing in your home country for years now.  So, starting over can seem daunting.  You know what’s important to you when you are looking for a new doctor, and TripMedic does too.

Not everyone can be like Emily in “Emily in Paris”, who seems to live quite effortlessly while barely speaking French. If only you could just stumble into friendships and relationships while you go about your everyday life. Meet your new best friend while picking up the new issue of Vogue at the kiosk… yes, please! 

Unfortunately, that’s not going to be the case more often than not. So, it makes sense to take all the help you can get to make your life as an expat easier. 

When you need a doctor, it is not something to take lightly. 

When there’s no one to ask for a recommendation, you turn to Google. You can easily spend hours combing through page after page of results before you can decide on the right doctor. Furthermore, to find a doctor in Paris that works for you, you have to limit your search to the ones that speak English. What a headache it all turns out to be.

It certainly doesn’t have to cause a whole lot of aggravation.  

TripMedic puts all of the most helpful information to learn about doctors in Paris in one place and even enables you to book your appointment. Now you can avoid that dreaded phone call to the doctor’s office. You can forget about stumbling through asking the receptionist if she speaks English.  

Never Be Left Without a Doctor in Paris Again with TripMedic

It couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is visit TripMedic online and fill out some basic information:

Find a Doctor, TripMedic

  • Your location. There’s a wide range of locations available. You are likely to hear about TripMedic in Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, or Lisbon. See the whole list here.
  • The type of doctor.  There are many specialties to choose from.  The most popular kinds: general practitioners, dentists, pediatricians, gynecologists, and dermatologists.
  • Your preferred language.  There are also many languages to choose from.  The most popular are English, Spanish, and French. 

English doctor in Paris

Just fill out the location, the type of doctor, and your preferred language in the three places you see above.

TripMedic then compiles a list of all the doctors that fit your criteria. You don’t have to do any vetting! You can rest assured that all the doctors in the TripMedic network are checked out first.  They’re the best doctors in town! 

Find a Doctor in Paris, English GP Doctor in Paris, TripMedic

Location, location, location!  Not only are you able to put in the city where you’re looking for an appointment, but TripMedic also shows you a map indicating where the doctor’s offices are located.

TripMedic Doctor Profile

Any other information you could need is on each doctor’s individual profile.  Everything is laid out clearly.  You can find:

  • The services they offer and the price of that service
  • How to pay for the service
  • The language the doctor speaks
  • An exact location of their office located on a map
  • Some background about the doctor that tells you their education and all of their areas of expertise
  • Reviews from actual patients who have used the doctor

It’s always helpful to read other people’s opinions.  They will give you an idea about the doctor’s personality and how they communicate.  They will also put your mind at ease.  It’s a lot easier to believe a rating when it’s backed up by real people’s comments.   

All there is left to do is pick what time works best for you and book your appointment! Short notice? No problem. TripMedic offers you several options to choose from so that you can choose which time slot best fits into your schedule.  You’ll even have appointments available for the same day.

Make Your Life Easier with Video Consultations

What if you don’t feel comfortable leaving the house due to the number of COVID-19 cases in your area? That isn’t an issue either. Advancements in telemedicine and video consultations means you can have a doctor’s appointment no matter where you are.  As long as you have a device with a good internet connection, audio, video, and a quiet place to talk, you can still have your doctor’s appointment.

What if you’re experiencing specific symptoms, but you don’t know what kind of specialist you should see? Doing a video consultation with a general practitioner will help you seek out the right care to solve your issue.  They can also suggest the right lab to use to carry out the appropriate tests to help you get answers.

When you need to see a doctor in Paris, but you don’t want to leave your home, telemedicine is a great strategy to use.  The video consultation service offered by TripMedic is a fantastic resource to use when you have limitations to deal with, not allowing you to go to a physical doctor’s appointment.

If something doesn’t make sense to you at any step of the way, TripMedic Customer Care can answer your questions.  Just reach out to

Now finding a doctor in Paris should seem like no big deal. Instead, you can focus all of your energy on trying that new bistro or visiting that boutique you keep passing on your way to work. You’ll learn the language and make lots of friends in due time. French is a hard language, and it takes time to meet new people, after all! In the meantime, at least TripMedic is here to help you take charge of your health.

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