July 20, 2017

Rent an apartment in Madrid: 10 perfect neighborhood to live in

Whether you’re heading to Spain’s capital for a short stay or a permanent move, renting an apartment in Madrid is not a problem. The city caters just as readily for the needs of business travelers and expats as it does for the thousands of tourists who visit each year.

Madrid is full of fantastic rental opportunities, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here is our guide to the best neighborhoods in which to rent an apartment in Madrid, whether you’re on a family vacation, looking for student housing, or if you’re an expat hoping to stay a little longer.

What’s the right type of accommodation for me in Madrid?

Rent an apartment in Madrid

Madrid is one of most beautiful European cities. Known as the town of excesses and eccentricity, where you can see picturesque landscapes and exuberant architecture, Madrid offers an “outside the box” experience. It doesn’t matter if you decide to stay in Madrid for a week or for your whole life, you still need to choose the right place to stay according to your needs and your personality.

Barrio de Salamanca: luxury in the heart of Madrid

If you are a business traveler and you want to stay in a residential district, the perfect place for you might be Barrio de Salamanca. This area is one of the most important districts of Madrid due to its central location and the illustrious inhabitants who have lived there over the years – and continue to do so.

Barrio de Salamanca is fashionable district where you can go luxury shopping along the Gold Mile, eat in Michelin-starred restaurants and attend the most exclusive parties in Madrid. Renting an apartment in this part of Madrid is usually straightforward but it’s advisable ask for information at the ‘agencia municipal de alquiler’ to ensure you won’t be the victim of a scam.

Chueca: party, culture and good food – perfect for students accomodation!

Rent an apartment in Madrid

Situated in the heart of the city, next to Gran Vía, Chueca is one of Madrid’s best-known international neighborhoods, famous for its unique atmosphere and for its nightlife. Generally, when a student wants to rent an apartment in Madrid, they have to enquire at ‘agencia municipal de alquiler’ – this office was created to facilitate the balance between supply and demand. As usual when renting a property, you will be asked for collateral. Guarantees may be made in the form of down payment or a bank deposit.

Lavapiés or La Latina: which is the best neighborhood for an expat?

Lavapiés and La Latina are both popular, multiethnic neighborhoods in Madrid. They are situated in the centre of the city and are easy to access from all over town. Renting an apartment in Lavapiés or La Latina could be a fun experience because it offers the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.
Many of the streets in these districts were the outskirts of ancient medieval Madrid, and acted as housing for many merchants who came to town to sell their goods. With the diverse range of food and culture on offer, renting an apartment in these parts of Madrid could be an exotic experience!

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Rent an apartment in Madrid

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