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"Very Good"
Joanne E - Portugal - 2 October 2017
"As I only needed to replace medication by asking for a script (with appropriate evidence) no consultation or examination was required. The doctor was excellent and most helpful, as was the clinic staff"
Lee C - Lisbon, Portugal - 25 September 2017
Luke F - Lisbon, Portugal - 21 August 2017 st 2017
"Advisor quick and efficient. Dr just as it should be, pleasant, friendly, clear and efficient"
Julia K - Lisbon, Portugal - 9 August 2017
"Very good. Dr took time and wrote out information"
Linda L - Lisbon, Portugal - 4 october 2017
"Truly excellent service. Takes the worry and stress away when finding a doctor abroad. Would and will highly recommend to family/friends"
Gary P - Lisbon, Portugal - 3 July 2017
"Looking for a doctor who could come at my home on the web, I find their Website. They have assistance in different languages. Tthe person who first contacted me was proactive, emphathic and went the extra mile booking a home visit even if they usually don't do this. Doctor was professional, exhaustve, patient oriented, empatic"
Marta - Lisbon,Portugal - 06/01/2018
"Checked Google.Google search for doctor in Lisbon, Professional website English spoken Able to contact by phone, Dr and service Excellent"
Leslie - Lisbon, Portugal - 26/12/2017
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Features of some clinics in Lisbon of TripMedic network

A staff fluent in English (and, in individual cases, in French and Spanish as well) and the quality of its services, contributed to its prestige, including among Embassies and the international community.

CMIL Clinica Medica Internacional de Lisboa - English-speaking doctor in Lisbon
CMIL Clinica Medica Internacional de Lisboa

In every department of the clinic you will find an efficient and complete medical team who can provide high quality assistance. The professionals of the Walk'in clinic are here for evaluating your health, with a diagnosis and therapy for your problem. If necessary they will provide you with a proper treatment plan for your situation.

Walk’in clinics

We offer the best dental care thanks to our highly specialized medical team and the latest technology in digital imaging and software. Our multi-disciplinary team is
highly specialised in Implant Dentistry, Orthodontics and Prosthodontics. We are a friendly team of specialists covering the main aspects in modern dentistry.

Clinica Sao Dente - English-speaking dentist in Lisbon
Clinica Sao Dente
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TripMedic will help you find in the quickest, simpler and efficient way a doctor in Lisbona speaking English.

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