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"Very good ! Customer care helped schedule my appointment without a problem. Overall you provided a great service. Dr was very helpful, nice, took my symptoms seriously and referred me to a specialist and made an appointment for me within the hour. He even wrote a note in French for me to give the doctor!"
mily J - Paris, France - 8 November 2017
Wonderful, easy, Wonderful. Dr was thorough, personable, knowledgeable"
John C - Paris, France - 23 October 2017
"Ease of use, Excellent"
Virginia L - Paris, France - 24 September 2017
"Very good. Dr was very kind and helpful"
Stephanie R - Paris, France - 15 September 2017
"Excellent. Dr Very thorough. Explained things well. Good nature. Prescribed what I needed"
Adam S - Paris, France - 28 August 2017
"Excellent. My doctor was very friendly and tried her best to communicate dispite my bad French"
Laura M - Paris, France - 28 August 2017
"Quite good. The doctor was really nice and kind. Spoke a good English but there was some hassle with the consultation reservation (it got cancelled and I didn't get any notice from the cancellation, I just got a new consultation and was confused with the two)"
Katja K - Paris, France - 3 August 2017
"Advisor were very good and Dr was fast and efficient"
Ian B - Paris, France - 30 August 2017
"Great! Customer care was efficient, options were given for the patient to choose. It was fine. The doctor seems thorough"
Ting L - Paris, France - 16 August 2017
"This service was a lifesaver, we will gladly spread the word, We are from America on holiday in Paris and our daughter got very sick. We were having a hard time finding an English speaking doctor to take her to in Paris but were having a difficult time. We came across TripMedic in a Google search and the helpful staff were able to set an appointment for the same day and now we're back to enjoying our holiday within 24 hours. Thank you so much, you saved our holiday!"
Ella R - Paris, France - 31 May 2017
"I like the service on the phone and that I could get an appointment the same day, Found it very easy, since my first call till my appointment with the doctor who was friendly and his explanation was very clear"
Veronica V - Paris, France - 24 May 2017
"We visit Paris for few weeks. My daughter has been having bleeding nose for several days, called trip medic and got me a doctor within an hour. Very please with Dr Samir. He was very knowledgable and thorough, got her lab test and I found out she has low white blood cell count which I didn't even know about. Glad to know that"
Keara L - Paris, France - 21 June 2017
"I was checking for appointment, my boyfriend recommend her TM. They respond me quickly, doctors was very good"
Valentina - Paris, France - 03/01/2018
"The telephone girl was so nice and helpful. Totally recommendable . Very nice and professional doctor"
Lizette - Paris, France -16/11/2017
"It looked professional, easy to use, which is important when you are unwell a long way from home. the booking experience was good. I was given a choice of times. Very thorough. No complaints. I would certainly recommend him. Except €100 left me flabbergasted"
Patricia - Paris. France - 20/11/2017
We partner with Paris's leading health clinics to ensure you receive the very best care and treatment available. Our network of medical practitioners is ready to help you.
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"After some months working with TripMedic, I can say that this service is becoming a truly valuable healthcare companion to both tourists and expats in Paris.”

Dr. Daniel Cararach

"I'm really happy to be part of the TripMedic project. My new patients are always grateful to receive medical attention in their own language, sometimes very far from home.”

Dr. Xavier Otero

"I enjoy contributing my long experience with international patients to TripMedic, which is offering a high quality service that is fast and easy to use.”

Dr. Augusto Anguita Guimet

TripMedic is the fastest, easiest and most effective way for travellers and expats to book medical appointments in their own language, with Europe's best practitioners.

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