The right doctor when you’re in need

Wherever you find yourself, whatever your language, the right medical care is always at your fingertips. This is our brand goal.

Humans are at the center of our service. This guides how we operate, how we look and how we talk to the world. Whether you design devices, accessories, networks or apps, let’s join forces and give people the right doctor at every moment.


In some occasions, using just the logotype is justified. Mainly when playing with other colors, the logotype is more flexible. The further down you are in the “brand awareness funnel,” the more liberal you can be in using this element. For example, our website and email use the full TripMedic logo, as they create much first-time awareness. Further down a leaflet, the logotype could be used when appropriate.


resources-brand_guidelines-symbol2xThe symbol should only be used by itself for avatars, internal-facing communications, or when the UI space is limited. In all other cases, use the TripMedic logo.


Our primary palette are the main brand colors. Our secondary palette can be used to complement. From a color code below, you can extract the full tone using colllor.

Primary palette

The primary palette is what we draw from most for foundational elements ‐ canvases, headers, footers and typography. These colors, especially blue and white, act as core recall elements to help consistently reinforce our brand.


Secondary palette

The secondary palette is used to accent the primary palette. The further down you are in the “brand awareness funnel,” the more liberal you can be in using this palette. For example, an outdoor ad campaign would not lean heavily on this palette because it would have a high level of first-time TripMedic brand awareness – but graphics at a summit, where brand awareness is high, could lean more heavily on this secondary palette.



resources-brand_guidelines-name2xPlease capatilse the letter T and M when referring to our services or brand. Links are written in lowcase characters.


All fonts on this website make use of the Open Sans font family. For print we also use Helvetica Neue.


Images are warm and real. It should make the viewer feel like they’re right there in the room. It’s about telling stories of people finding care through personalities, interactions, and experiences.

We use imagery of the talented photographers at Stocksy and Offset


Our communication is human-centered and to the point. It’s short and clear. The way we communicate with our patients and doctors. Lorem ipsum member can only view your personal information if helping you directly or helping a healthcare provider with an appointment you booked. Additionally, all of us here at are trained, because we want everyone – regardless of role – to remember that patient trust and protection are our highest priorities.

A big source of inspiration is the Mailchimp Content Styleguide and the Mailchimp Voice and Tone guideline.