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"Amazing. Being in a foreign country where nobody speaks your language is one thing, but being sick in that country and feeling utterly helpless is another thing in itself. Being collected in the waiting room in Seville and being talked through everything that was happening was incredible, I felt like I knew what was going on the entire time and the translators did a great job at explaining all that the doctors I saw were saying. Great service, I've already recommended it to so many people!"
Shalina S - Seville,Spain - 7 August 2017
"I was in Seville and got sick. I was turned away from 4 clinics and the hospital because of the public system. TripMedic helped me see a doctor with English translation and I could private pay. I was very upset and they were so helpful. I will definitely use this service again anywhere in the world.ì"
Angela M - Seville, Spain - 28 July 2017
"I would recommend TripMedic. However I felt that a referral to a specialist for my particular ailment was unnecessary. It ended up costing me a lot of money for tests I didn't need"
Rebekah R - Seville, Spain - 21 July 2017
"I needed an English speaking doctor and Tripmedic made it very easy to book an appointment at short notice.."
Trang H - Barcelona, Spain - 15 March 2017
"Quick, professional service which solved my problem.."
Jane H - Barcelona, Spain - 19 June 2017
We collaborate with the best health structures in Sevilla in order to provide the best care possible. Our network of medical practitioners is ready to help you.
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Features of some clinics in Seville of TripMedic network

The Santa Isabel Clinic was founded back in 1920 by two sevillian doctors, Dr. Antonio Cortés Lladó and Dr. Tello Bias, and is the first private health structure in Seville. After the first years it moved in Luis Montoto street, where it still provides high quality assistance to its patients.

Clinica Santa Isabel - English-speaking doctor in Seville
Clinica Santa Isabel

More than 8 years of experience in the field always looking for excellence both in the treatments and the services for our patients. Your trusted dental clinic in Seville.

Clinica Acebo y Martin

The Dental Clinic Imagen is the leader in the assistance of oral hygiene in Seville. A modern structure in downtown Seville The Clinic’s manager is Dr. Maribel Gonzalez Martin, professor at the Faculty of Dentistry in Seville.

Clinica dental Imagen
Clinica dental Imagen
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With TripMedic you will find a doctor speaking your language easily and fastly.

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