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Find an English speaking doctor in Madrid at the click of a button
Find an English speaking doctor in Madrid in a few seconds Whether you’re going to visit Madrid for a short weekend or for a bigger vacation, you’ll never get tired of the third biggest European capital. And yes, Madrid is huge and has a lot to offer. You can go for a shopping tour down […]
What to do in Paris
Do you need to break free? Discover what to do in Paris
Paris is a famously romantic city where you can spend a loved-up holiday with your nearest and dearest. But there is much more to Paris than just romance, and a whole world of things to do there whether you’re with friends, family, or traveling alone. Paris is a vast, cosmopolitan city with something to appeal […]
Health & Travel Tips
Travel Tip: Be sweet to your feet
Picking a comfortable pair of shoes can be the difference between a great trip and a stressful time abroad. Make sure that the shoes you’re planning to travel in don’t give you blisters by testing them properly at home. If they’re no good, you might find it harder to get good replacements abroad.
Building TripMedic
TripMedic Team: Filippo Meloni
Filippo Meloni's role at TripMedic allows him to combine two of his life's greatest passions: travel and problem solving.