Dental Treatment

Dental treatment can vary greatly in duration, comfort and cost depending on what is required, however most procedures will require an anaesthetic due to the sensitivity of the teeth and gums and the delicacy required of dental practice. Local anaesthetic numbs only the area that requires attention, whereas a general anaesthetic is stronger and will put you to sleep, which may be necessary if the procedure takes some time or if several area of the mouth need to be addressed.

What does dental treatment involve?

There are a variety of procedures that aim to repair damaged teeth, such as metal amalgam fillings to repair holes caused by tooth decay, porcelain crowns that cover broken or chipped teeth and root canal treatment, which combats the infection of teeth and prevents it from spreading. Teeth that are beyond repair can also be removed and/or replaced with fixed or removable alternatives. Bridges are fixed dental implants that can replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. They are usually made of precious metals and porcelain and are sculpted by taking an impression of the surrounding teeth which will help support the bridge when fitted. When it is ready, the bridge is permanently fixed to your jaw with titanium screws.

What are dentures?

Dentures, or false teeth, are removable and can be used to replace one or more missing teeth or a full set. Personalised moulds are taken of the gums and jaw to ensure a secure and comfortable fit before the dentures are set in metal and/or plastic. Dentures need to be cleaned regularly, with part dentures able to be cleaned with your natural teeth but full sets need to be removed and soaked in cleaning solution. Dentures are a necessity if all your natural teeth are lost as chewing effectively is an integral part of maintaining a healthy diet. Many of these treatments are complex and those that require replacement or personalised parts can take repeated visits and significant periods of time to ensure that the implants fit your mouth comfortably and securely. If they do not it may lead to further problems.

What are cosmetic dental treatments?

There is also a host of cosmetic dental treatments available that can change the appearance of your teeth. Braces and veneers can involve moulds being taken and parts being fitted and fixed whereas scaling, polishing can be done in one sitting by a dental hygienist. Braces, usually made of plastic and metal, are used to straighten or move teeth to improve or correct bite patterns until they are no longer needed and veneers are thin, porcelain faces fitted to the front of discoloured teeth in order to disguise them, similar to a false fingernail. Scaling and polishing involves a hygienist carefully removing tartar deposits that can build up on the teeth, especially in harder to reach areas or due to irregular brushing. Teeth whitening involves bleaching your teeth to make them a lighter colour. This can take several visits to the dentist plus an extended period of wearing a moulded mouthguard containing a bleaching agent overnight. There is also a newer procedure called laser whitening that takes no longer than an hour but is considerably more expensive.

What should I do if I need dental treatment?

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