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    How does it work?

    Interact with qualified online doctors via a video platform whenever is convenient for you, wherever you are!

    Each consultation carries a flat fee of only 49,99€ and will be organized at most 2 hours within your scheduled booking. 

    We connect you to international English, Spanish and French speaking doctors for medical consultations within minutes. Book in a few simple steps your qualified online doctor and:

    Get medical advice from a general practitioner or a gynecologist
    Get information on what treatment you need or follow-up on your medical condition
    Get a prescription via email, if the doctor decides it necessary
    Stay safe and make the most of your time!
    The video consultation service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 (CET).


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    No account required. Simply fill in the form and pay.
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    Our added values

    In the comfort of your home, access to our services on mobile devices (smartphone), tablet and computer.
    Consult with confidence. Our service is approved by the patients who tested it.
    No account nor subscription required! Simply fill in the form.

    Some of our doctors

    Gonzalo Santellan & Cie
    General practitioner
    5 (8 ratings)
    Maria De Pedro Cardenas
    Obstetric & Gynecologist
    4.75 (8 ratings)
    Amir Safa
    General practitioner
    Manuel Ortiz-Villajos
    General practitioner
    4.89 (27 ratings)


    How our service works?

    Book a video consultation by filling out the short form above:

    1. Select a general practitioner or gynaecologist in your preferred language
    2. Choose your preferred date and time
    3. Provide basic contact information and detail your condition
    4. Finalize your request by paying through PayPal
    5. Our Customer Care will immediately contact you to confirm your booking
    6. You will speak with the doctor at the scheduled time!

    TripMedic Video Medical Assistance makes it easy to connect with an online doctor in minutes through your smartphone, tablet or computer, from the privacy and comfort of your home, at a very affordable rate, only 49,99€!

    The online assistance services provided by TripMedic’s online doctors are not a substitute to a consultation and should not be used in a medical emergency. TripMedic does not guarantee a prescription will be written; that will be determined by the physician, based on your clinical presentation and needs.

    Worried about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and don’t want to leave the safety of your home for a doctor visit?

    We understand that many people are worried about the surge in coronavirus cases across the globe. People are recommended to stay at home to help stop the spread of the infection, and we are here to help you! That’s why TripMedic, in collaboration with his network of qualified doctors, has just released a video medical service to ensure yours’ and doctors’ safety.

    Talk to a doctor online from the safety of your house using your smartphone, tablet or computer, has never been easier!

    Fill in the form above and by following simple steps, you can book an online doctor consultation at your preferred time at a very affordable rate, only 49,99€! Choose to consult a healthcare professional now, or book an appointment for later, whenever you want!

    Medical Video Consultations: Doctor Approved

    About TripMedic’s policy please read the Terms and Conditions or the FAQ pages.