Privacy Policy collects information from its users during the registration process and, occasionally, at other times. We try and make the process as rapid and straightforward as possible and we are grateful for the information and feedback our Users provide. The more accurate the information we receive from each User, the more specific we can be in our ongoing contact with them. This Privacy Policy sets out our information-gathering and dissemination practices for the Site.


The following terms and conditions constitute the User Agreement (“the Agreement”), between you (the “Customer”) and InDigital Systems Ltd. (the “Company”), who is the owner and operator of TripMedic (the “website”). This Agreement governs your use of the services offered by the Company and your use of the website. Please take the time to read and understand our Cookie Policy and our Privacy Policy. By using the services offered by the Company and by using the website you confirm that you agree to comply with and be bound by all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and with the Company’s personal data practices described in the Privacy Policy.

Data Protection

The Site will comply with the relevant Maltese Data Protection laws, so normally any personal details to be provided to us will not be disclosed to third parties outside without the User’s consent.


Users should be aware and accept that, if is requested by authorised third parties or regulatory or governmental agencies investigating illegal activities to provide information concerning Users activities whilst using the Site, the shall do so.


Similarly, will disclose Users’ personal data if is compelled to do so by law. reserves the right to notify or provide such information to the relevant authority if, in its sole opinion, believes an emergency, illegal activity or some other reasonable basis exists for it doing so. reserves the right to store and use Users’ personal data solely for its own internal purposes and further reserves the right to access, monitor and retrieve password-protected information in order to fulfil its obligations under these terms and conditions.

Uses of Registration Information

Registration information we receive from Users is used by the as follows:

  • (a) to allow us to develop the site in ways that you will find relevant and interesting;
  • (b) to let us tell you about new material we have produced that is of relevant and interest to you; members can contact us at any time to ask to be removed from the member list. If you wish to remove, update or in any way amend your details, you should contact us by email:


Users should be aware that uses cookies to identify registered users who return to the Site. It enables us to deliver tailored content to each of our Users and lets you store your own selection of material for future use. Some company networks block cookies which means that not all Users can enjoy these personalised components of the Site.

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