November 19, 2018

English Speaking Doctor in Seville – Find one now!

Saam Ali

When in Seville

Image to help to Find an English Speaking Doctor in Seville

Seville has become one of the major destination spots of Spain. In Seville, you can marvel at the immense grandeur of the Cathedrals Giralda Tower or paddle the maze of water features in the Alcazar Palace. It would truly be a missed opportunity to miss a traditional Flamenco show, and you don’t always have to pay. Head to one of the flamenco social clubs called Peñas and join in! You, of course, have to enjoy some Tapas and walk through the lively Lonja de Riera Food Market. There is still so much to see in this marvelous city like the Seville Cathedral, Real Alcázar, Plaza de España, Maria Luisa Park, Triana, and more! But do you know where to find an English speaking doctor?

As you can see there is so much to capture in Seville, Spain. You will be busy all the time and walking everywhere you go. There will be very hot, sunny days or it could be a cool rainy day. In any event, you must always be prepared for the unexpected…

So you decided to rent a bike to explore Seville totally in awe by the magnificent views and hardly looking forward to seeing where you are going or what is in front of you. In a moment, you may get distracted and in an instant, you hit the side of a curb and fall off the rail onto the ground. A sharp stinging pain begins in your wrist and you notice that it is swollen. You begin to panic and start searching English speaking doctors near me. Next thing you know you are getting ready to book your appointment with an English-speaking physician using TripMedic. But first, let’s get you familiar with Seville’s healthcare system.


Seville Healthcare

Image to help to Find an English Speaking Doctor in Seville


Seville’s healthcare system offers free or subsidized health services and prescriptions for official residents and their family members. This means if you are a legal resident and pay Spanish social security you have access to the same healthcare as a Spanish citizen. If you do not pay social security and are living in Spain, you can check with your regional health authority and find out which of the 17 decentralized Spanish healthcare services are available to you and how to access them. You will also need to register your address at your local town hall.


If you are living in Spain but do not meet the requirements for state healthcare then you can check out private healthcare insurance. Cigna Global offers packages that have access to its global network of hospital, clinics, and doctors, as well as a 24-hour helpline for around the clock support. With private insurance companies like Cigna Global, you will get your appointment booked faster with doctors and specialist than if you go with a state system. They also offer healthcare for expats, offering flexible coverage at every level.

Why Should You Choose TripMedic?

TripMedic is truly an awesome nonprofit organization that saves travelers a lot of time and effort when searching for convenient and fast medical service. We want all travelers to be safe, healthy, and happy exploring their travel destinations. Finding an English-speaking doctor has never been easier! For example, you can book an appointment with a bilingual medical service like that in Hospital Fátima in Seville by phone or online.

To book an English speaking doctor in Seville:

  1.    Select what kind of doctor you’re looking for, either for your eyes, teeth and so on
  2.    Select the language you require, in that case, “English”
  3.    Book a vetted specialist in one of the appointment slots that day
  4.    Go to your appointment

TripMedic is renovating healthcare, as we know it. Finding healthcare abroad is becoming more efficient, specific, and accessible as TripMedic grows. TripMedic helps avoid that language barrier that causes frustration for the patient and doctor. It also makes the patient feel at home and understood, which overall causes comfort and helps the healing process.

Now that you have booked your appointment and learned more about TripMedic in Seville, sit down, take a breath, and enjoy the rest of your travels!



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