November 19, 2018

Consult with an English speaking doctor in Ibiza

Saam Ali

We’re here to help you book an English speaking doctor in Ibiza

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Ibiza is known worldwide for hosting the best and craziest parties of Europe, and I would even say the best of the world. But Ibiza is not only a piece of paradise for young tourists looking for epic nights. The island which is part of the Baleares is also an amazing place to disconnect, lose yourself in nature, appreciate the local hippie markets and amazing beaches. Did you know that Ibiza has amazing paradisiac beaches with turquoise water where you can go snorkeling?

Well, if you are more into a peaceful and adventurous holiday, you’ll probably want to go and discover all the beautiful coves that the island has to offer. You can access them by boat, or walking among the rocks. You can even jump into crystal clear water. But be careful, it’s very easy to end up with a twisted ankle when walking on an irregular surface, and I know what I’m saying, this actual story happened to me.

I think that there is nothing worse than having a twisted ankle during summertime, when all you are thinking of is making the most of these amazing beaches. But what is even worse, is to find yourself in a foreign country, and having to go to the hospital to have a radiography when you don’t understand a word of Spanish nor Balearic. That’s the reason why we have created Tripmedic; to help you find an English speaking physician whenever you are, and, in this case, Ibiza. Some of the wellknown bilingual medical services in Ibiza are the medical centre El Figueral, the medical centre Santa Eulalia and the medical centre Sant Miguel


Ibiza’s Public healthcare system

Before moving on to helping you find an English speaking doctor in Ibiza, let me tell you a bit about the healthcare system in the island. As I said before, Ibiza is one piece of the Baleares of which four islands are part; Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, and they share the same healthcare system, called IB Salut (which translates to Balearic Island Health). Locals can access the healthcare system for free as long as they are working and paying their social security contributions. They can visit a public doctor or hospital by showing their sanitary card. Spanish tourists from the Peninsula can also attend a public hospital with their regional sanitary card for free.

Accessing the public health system for travellers

Travellers from the European Union are encouraged to have their blue European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that gives them access to hospital and doctors for free in Ibiza. If you are not coming from the European Union, you’ll need to hire private insurance before travelling.

Private healthcare system when travelling to Ibiza

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You should have a travel insurance with full coverage when travelling to Ibiza (have a chat with your advisor about risks linked to alcohol problems, for instance, you never know!)

But in the end, what is most important for you is to find an English speaking doctor in Ibiza, that will understand you, and explain what is truly happening to your ankle.

That’s when Tripmedic is helping you out and giving you the option to find a doctor who speaks your language whenever you are.

Find an English speaking doctor online with Tripmedic

At Tripmedic, we want you to feel safe whenever you are travelling in the world. We want you to enjoy a peaceful vacation, knowing that you are in good hands. Whether you are having a headache, a food intoxication or a twisted ankle, we want to help you find an English speaking doctor near you and just in a few minutes. Finding an English speaking doctor worldwide has never been easier; you can do it online or by phone.

To book an English speaking doctor in Ibiza, all you have to do is :

  1.    Select what kind of doctor you’re looking for, either for your eyes, teeth and so on
  2.    Select the language you require, in that case, “English”
  3.    Book a vetted specialist in one of the appointment slots that day
  4.    Go to your appointment

It’s now time to enjoy the rest of the holidays in this wonderful place. What about a one day trip to Formentera?



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